Mining Max, LLC is specialized in developing and selling of high end virtual currency mining rig. Company was originally founded at Nevada in 2016 and moved to California in 2017.

Development of mining rig began from 2015 and first product called MM ALT-401 made its debut on October of 2016. MM ALT-401 was utilizing 4 GPUs (Graphic Processing Unit, AKA Graphics card/board), and was able to mine most of the virtual currencies except the famous bitcoin.

Mining Max, LLC chose the Ethereum since the Ethereum is providing better security and potential not only as a virtual currency but also as an excellent candidate for a future security platforms. As Mining Max predicted, the Ethereum alliance has grown bigger than expected that now it has Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, Intel, ING, Samsung SDS and other giant entities under its roof.

All of the mining rigs are assembled in South Korea through affiliated assembly plants and installed and maintained at IDC (Internet Data Center) in South Korea.


  • 2017.03
    Launched MMX 601 6 way

  • 2017.01
    Global Expansion of Mining Max

  • 2016.10
    Start Mass Mining System Mining Farms at Seoul IDC Center

  • 2016.09
    Began Consignment Service Using MM Mining Machines

  • 2016.08
    Start Up Mining Max, LLC for Mining Ethereum

  • 2016.06
    Selected Ethereum as Cryptocurrency for GPS

  • 2015.12
    Developed Company for GPS Using Cryptocurrency

  • 2015.11
    Determined Cryptocurrency as The Only Solution to GPS

  • 2015.09
    R & D of Global Payment System (GPS)

  • 2015.07
    Start Up Global IT Company